Your Life will change forever with our

innovative Insurances.

Personal domestic Insurance

Esure Administrators has been in the industry since 2001 and provides personal home, vehicle and all risks insurance.

Business Insurance

Esure Administrators can provide commercial and business insurance regardless of the size of your company.

Travel Insurance

Esure Administrators has partnered with a top tear South Africa insurer to provide our clients with both business and leisure travel cover. The product offers one of the highest cover limits out of all the travel insurers.

Motor Traders Insurance

Esure Administrators offers specialised niche cover to the motor trade and towing operators. From single driver owened tow operators to large Franchised dealerships, our product is unique and offers you cover standard insurers will not.

You Are In Good Hands With Esure Administrators


Esure has been in business since 2001 and many of our clients are still on the books from even back then showing we are doing something right. We believe in honesty and integrity first which means our clients will trust us with their most prized possessions. We understand that a house is not just brick and mortar but rather one of the biggest expenses a person can make and therefore losing it and not having cover would be financially crippling.


We know that your vehicle is not just and engine with wheels but a way to get to work and earn a living or even just to get the kids to school, so being without it for a few weeks and not having any other means of transport could damage your business or affect the entire family. What if in an accident you found out that you were sold a policy with a huge excess? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you had to claim that there would be no additional payments needed. That is why we offer value added products on personal policies such as car hire, excess waiver and roadside assistance.


We understand that your assets are not just items but mean a lot more than that. They are business tools, family memories and so much more than just items covered in a boring insurance policy. At Esure we know the true value and meaning of your items and that is why we take care to ensure they are insured correctly.


It is for this reason we have found our “Why”, the reason we say it is “better than Insurance”. WHAT we sell is insurance, but WHY we sell is because of our passion for the industry and to make sure our client’s see this passion in us and believe that we have their financial interests at heart.

Know that you are safe and covered with our

innovative Insurances.

Home and contents Insurance is a Need.

Why only cover your vehicle when most of your time is at home. What if you got home from work to find every items is damaged by a geyser leaking or worse the items have been taken. How long would it take to replace everything in the home if you had to start again?

Covering the security Industry and liability

We offer specific insurance to the Security industry, from the vehicle on reaction calls to specific liability designed for the security industry. A lot of insurers sell a generic liability policy where is most cases excludes security cover.