Motor Traders, Dealerships and fitment centres

Motor Traders


Most insurers believe that offering a standard commercial policy will work for the motor trade. This could not be further from the truth. Being our core business focus when starting Esure, we know that being in the Motor trade that having cover for your client’s assets is a must. Our underwriters have created special sections in the wordings and schedules that apply only to the motor trade in addition to the general cover.


Dealerships and motor vehicle sales


Can you imagine having to insure every vehicle on your floor separately? Most insurers will allow you to just list it as stock and choose a sum insured. The wording then states that stock is only your own vehicles. What happens to all the clients vehicles being serviced or on consignment. Esure will cover any vehicle in custody and control.


Esure will also offer the below cover which most insurers do not:


Cover whilst being worked upon (most insurers only cover after the vehicle has been given to the client)

Defective workmanship

Theft of parts off a vehicle (most policies say entire vehicle must be taken to have cover)

Theft of parts in the open

We can also provide your client a courtesy vehicle if you submit a claim for defective work

Cover for while a vehicle is being test driven (even with no salesman in the vehicle)

Cover for staff taking vehicles home or on social trips (a lot of insurers will not cover this)

Automatic cover for shade netting


We also understand that insurance is expensive and clients do not want to pay for every section available. For this reason we provide automatic cover for relevant sections at no cost up to certain limits. That way even if the client did not ask for the cover, they are still able to claim as we know what clients require the most even if they can’t afford it at the time.


Some of our staff also come directly out of the motor trade and even have qualified petrol and diesel mechanics in our employ to ensure our products are kept up to date with our client’s needs.




Stock of cars in showroom of automobile dealer







There are many rent to own companies out there and where most insurers find this undesirable business as most of the vehicle are not owned by the company, Esure can provide you with fleet cover for these vehicles. We have created specific once off policies for the Rent to Own format.


Contact us for more information on this and we will be able to make a policy to suit your specific needs.


Panel Beaters and Fitment Centres



While the cover is quite close to dealerships, with repairers and fitment centres we can also cover sub contractors and your tow vehicles.

We can also cover the vehicle if used without permission by staff which most other insurers do not.


We also offer cover at low rates for courtesy vehicles

Cover for vehicles being worked upon

Motor traders external (being test driven)

Motor traders internal (damage done while on your premises)

Defective workmanship

Liability arising out of poor workmanship


Automatic cover for shade netting

Hail damage (not undercover if specified)






Towing Industry


Would you like to be able to cover your tow vehicles with all the decals and extras. From Sling backs to Roll backs. We cover not only the vehicle but the costs of adding the A frame or deck to the vehicle.


We will also offer cover for the vehicle being towed. Most insurers will not cover the vehicle until it is on the back where we will cover it while you are loading the vehicle.

We also offer this cover under the motor traders external cover which gives far wider cover than goods in transit which other insurers use.


We can also cover your storage yard and all the stock therein against almost all types of claims including theft in the open. most policy wordings say they require forcible violent entry but for small claims this is not always practical. Therefore we have designed our products for most eventualities.










Fuel Stations, Forecourts and Car wash


Offering fuel stations the same cover as others in the motor trade just makes sense. With staff cleaning vehicles, working on vehicles when filling with fuel or even just damage caused by car washing machines.


What about the cost to empty and refit a fuel tank when the wrong fuel has been put in the vehicle?


We also offer additional cover for fuel stations such as:


Fuel Leakage and spill clean up extension

Fuel Guarentee

damage to pumps

Bilking cover

Movement of clients vehicles