Personal and Domestic Insurance


Building Insurance


Have you taken out a bond and the finance house automatically included your insurance? Or are you still paying your bond and are not even aware of the high insurance charged for your building?


We have found that moving your building insurance from the finance house to an Insurance specific company can reduce your premiums by up to 50%.

Do you even know what the building insurance covers and have you thought about the headaches involved that come with dealing with a call centre?


Does your insurance take into account escalation on property values or that the sum insured also should include rubble removal if the premises is demolished or architect fees if it needs to be rebuilt?

Included Cover

– Geysers

– Gate motors

– fire, water and allied perils

– pool pumps

– garage door motors.


Home Contents


When taking out vehicle insurance, most clients neglect to think about their contents in their homes. The value of home contents normally far out weighs the value of a vehicle making this cover a real necessity.


Even if you do not own the building, you can still face damage to the contents by fire, water or theft. It would be devastating to come home and find your items have been stolen. Without insurance cover you would have to purchase all these items again out of your own pocket which could take a life time depending on how long you have been collecting possessions.


What clients may not be aware of is that some times taking vehicle insurance on its own can be more expensive than taking home contents with the vehicle as insurance companies subsidize motor claims which is high risk with contents premiums which is relatively low risk. This is why the give discounts on vehicle premiums if a client takes home contents as well.



All Risks Insurance


Do you know that any item removed the house must be specified under all risks to have cover. These are items such as cellphones, cameras, laptops, sports equipment, jewellery and bicycles.


These will be covered worldwide and the cover is wider than under contents section. You can cover items for replacement value and our claims can be paid out in as little as 24 hours if all documentation is correct.

Cover includeds

– Damage to contents by fire, flood, hail, allied perils

– Theft

– lightning and powersurge

– accidental damage


Vehicle insurance


If you have an accident and even if it is not entirely your fault, trying to claim from the other party could be a lost cause especially if they do not have insurance themselves.


Do you know that most insurers exclude pothole damage or unevenness of a road surface?


Has your insurer explained the difference between retail value and market value? You could be in for a surprise when your payout does not allow you to buy the exact same vehicle as prices have increased.


Did you know that if you carry goods in your vehicle for work that it is now commercial use and not business which means a claim can be repudiated?


At Esure we ask the relevant questions in writing. We have found that over the phone you may not understand the questions correctly which can result in unpaid claims if you give the wrong answer.  Whilst we do have a call centre, our leadership team oversees all policies to make sure our clients have been given the correct cover and policies are underwritten to the clients needs.

Cover & Value added products

-30 Days car hire following a claim

-Excess waiver or buyback

– Roadside assistance

– Hail damage

– Comprehensive insurance at retail value.